Windows 7 b7057

The Windows Beta builds have been circulating around the normal web locations for several months and I have ventured to try these on my Laptop and NetBook. I did try once on my main PC but it was personally rejected due to specific software incompatibilities; NeatWorks being as primary concern.

I mistakenly installed Windows Vista SP2 beta as a clean install from a MSDN ISO image- a mistake as SP2 beta is integrated into Windows and cannot be installed- such as when I want to install SP2 RC1 and I am told to ‘uninstall prior versions of SP2’.

Vista was having issues (routine Windows Leprosy- as it happens every 3-6 months) so I resigned myself to using Windows 7 as my primary rig. By the Lords of Kobol’s graces it appears that NeatWorks is not compatible with Windows 7! (or it could be that NeatWorks upgraded from v4 to v4.5 in the past few weeks). nVidia also announced driver support for Windows 7 so all the better.

Daemon Tools appears to not work with Windows 7; a quick Google search indicates that the free Virtual CloneDrive from SlySoft will do most of what I used Daemon Tools for- and it works with Windows 7…

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