Battlestar Galactica -Finale

And so it ended last night; four seasons of a show that I have come to love and look forward to every Friday night. It was a two hour finale that answered many questions and bid goodbye to old friends (and one dear old namesake ship).

A lot of people are complaining on various blogs that they were unhappy with the ending (and I must admit the last 2 minutes were a little cheesy) but there is a lot of subvert messages in the story- and it faithfully ties the end of the series to the original 1986 Galactica series (there was even a cameo remake of the original series theme as the Galactica sails off into oblivion).

The big deal about the story is that the audience is left to draw their own conclusions (and some do not like this)- such as who/what was Starbuck; but if you search through the series you will find indicators that this was the plan all along. The whole story arc was well planned and well executed (save for a few cheesy episodes here and there for character development).

I found the show to be a fitting end to things- for both seasons. I felt saddened at seeing the 'old girl' that had been with me since my childhood (be it in the 70s form or the 2000 form) as much as I felt sadness that I would no longer hear the stories of Admiral Adama and his 'rag-tag fugitive fleet' every Friday. I cried several out of sorrow and happiness as the characters broke out and went their separate ways on 'New Earth' and 'on the other side'.

It has been an incredible journey and I am thankful that I was able to witness it in its entirety.

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