New Programs for the Week

Here are a few items I ran across this weekend:

  • Tired of iTunes?  Try out Media Monkey; it has a lot of powerful features for organizing your music collection (and writing rating/album art info to the ID3 tag!) and can sync with a variety of devices- including an iPod/iPhone!  The basic version is free and some of the advanced features will require a $20 upgrade.
  • Fring is an application for most phones (WM6, iPhone and Treos to name a few) that is a multi-IM client and incorporates Skype and SIP connectivity to (and Facebook and GMail addins).  The deal-breaker on this app is Skype/SIP calls can only use the speaker phone (and they have been 'working on a fix' since 2006)
  • I was using SyncToy 2.0 for backing up my server data to NAS, but I was make aware of Karen's Replicator by a co-worker; this does a MUCH more reliable job of mirroring data.

Other things that caught my interest:

  • NUI Group is working on a driver for the PS3 EyeToy- to allow it to be used as a webcam.  Currently it will only work with the included test software, but hopefully there will be a windows driver soon!
  • There is a Canon 40D hack in the works that may one day allow it to work as a video recorder... (very good news for me!)
  • If you didn't hear about the release of the T-Mobile G1 then you probably won't be interested in the G1 emulator at T-Mobile.

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