Disc Backup Software

I don't know about the rest of you, but I generally have several games installed on my PC/laptop and play one of them at my leisure.  This is inhibited by games that require the CD to play (I don't keep a games CD case with my laptop).

I have been using Daemon Tools to create images of some of my games and store them as ISO images on my HD; this allows me to mount the image and play the game as if it were a virtual CD/DVD-ROM.  This works great for most unprotected games that just require the disc.

Then I ran into the problem of Safedisc/Securom/etc protected discs.  Daemon Tools needs to be told what the protection is before it can even try to make a backup.  For this I found A-Ray Scanner; this software hasn't been updated in a few years (anyone know of newer alternatives?) but it is a great program that will check a CD/DVD-ROM and return it's copy protection information.

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