Popcorn Hour Updates

Never fails; I places a pre-order for the Popcorn Hour A-100 on Sunday, and they announce pre-orders for the A-110 and B-110 systems on Monday...


The primary differences between the A-100 and the A-100 appear to be:

  • HDMI 1.3a support: i.e. additional audio codec pass-through support
  • SATA HD support: much better than IDE in the A-100
  • Optical SPDIF instead of coax SPDIF: not much difference to me- my receiver can assign either.

I contacted sales and they can cancel my A-100 order so I can place an order for one of the other units, but there are no details on shipping at this time- so it could be a week or it could be six months!

Since this model is brand new (read: public beta) I think I will stay with the A-100 until there are a few firmware updates (the A-100 has gone through 7 firmware releases since November of last year).  My only concern with the A-100 is that it will soon be phased out as the A-110 is almost a direct replacement...

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