HDMI Audio Problems with Vista MCE

I purchased a Shuttle SD30G2B bare-bones system about a week ago as a replacement for my media center PC.  I also purchased an ATI HD3450 video card to provide HDMI video/audio output for the system. 

I setup the system (CPU, memory, HD, etc) and installed Vista Ultimate; the system worked great and no problems- until yesterday.  The system would boot up and video would display but I was not getting any audio.  My receiver indicated a 'HDMI PCM' signal, but no sound.  Windows indicated sound was being output (via the audio indicator bars in the sound properties) but no combination of volume/outputs/tweaks would get it to work!

I finally started looking around the ATI Catalyst menus for audio properties- but found none.  I did notice that my resolution had changed from 720p to 800x600 (not sure how/why that happened).  When I changed my resolution back to 720p the audio started working again!  I will have to assume that the video card will only provide audio out when there is a HD signal being sent out?

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