HTC Touch Firmware

I guess I haven't had a chance to do a write-up about my Sprint HTC Touch that I purchased a few weeks ago; but it is my favorite phone to date! (compared to a Treo 700p & 700wx, Blackberry 8700c, 8800 & 8310, Nokia 3650 and many other older Nokia models..)

So either Sprint has canceled their GPS upgrade (which was indicated as 'Available Q1 2008' in the online description) for the Touch or they have released an update and I cannot find it- I will assume the former as Sprint is very good at screwing over their customers...

Alltel has released a GPS/EVDO Rev. A enabling firmware update for their Touch- and I found instructions for using this on the Sprint Touch over at PPCGeeks.  There is more discussion on XDA-Developers and Howard Forums.  I am considering trying this as it would be very nice to have these features on my phone- If I do, I will do a follow-up on the outcome.


  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Did you try this hack yet? I'd love to get more DL speed on my Sprint HTC Touch! Thanks.

  2. yes; it runs much better- and has GPS, journaled SMS (ah la WM6.1) and lots of other features...

    Check out my other post at http://broo2.blogspot.com/2008/05/htc-touch-firmware-hack.html