Windows Home Server Update

Today I had to 'bite the bullet' today purchase an OEM copy (the only version that is available) of Windows Home Sever (WHS) from Fry's.

I was down to '8 days remaining to activate' and I didn't want to wait and see what happened to my 3+ TB of movies, music and pictures that now call the server home...

I had tried an AntiWPA crack, but it appears Microsoft did some background updates and 'fixed' this.  At first I was getting a message on my clients that I needed to activate but when I checked the server it indicated it was already activated (via AntiWPA).  A few days ago I checked and it was now telling me I had an invalid key and a new key entry box was up...

WHS server has been pretty reliable and the upcoming Power Pack 1 update promises makes it an even better product.  I didn't really mind spending $180 on WHS as I think it is worth it (if nothing else, just for the fact that if/when my roommate's PC crashes again all I will need is a replacement hard drive and  a WHS client restore boot CD!)

WHS appears to have fixed all the weird 'glitches' that my Vista media center was having with Networked drives.  It also makes a fair media server host (with WHS add-ins)- but TVersity makes it a DNLA media server for the PS3.

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