HTC Touch Firmware Hack

I did the firmware update tutorial over at PPC Geeks and I now have a HTC touch with EVDO rev A and working GPS.  (Take that Sprint PCS!!)

It was fairly easy as there are really only four steps needed:

  1. Confirm/Revert your firmware to Sprint OEM Original firmware
  2. Unlock the phone with the Vogue Unlocker
  3. Update firmware with the custom Alltel firmware
  4. Flash with a custom Sprint Firmware

If you want to do this for yourself, please follow the instructions provided on the PPC Geeks website.  Please also note that attempting the above can 'brick' your phone and it will most likely not be covered by Sprint support.

The firmware installation has made me love this phone even more than I did prior; it is definitely a 'power user' firmware as there are a plethora of adjustments/tweaks. 

Some of main features provided by this hack are:

  • GPS Enabled
  • EVDO Rev A Speeds
  • WM6.1 Features, such as journaled SMS messages.
  • Lots of programs added in- such as Opera Mini, TCPMP, S2P (a pseudo 'cover flow' music player) and a multitude of configuration programs.
  • Adds a music launcher icon to the Touch Home panel
  • Adds S2U2 screen lock ('slide to unlock' like the iphone)
  • Lots of tweaks, such as choice of weather providers, LED indicators, custom startup screens, etc.

There is also a seemingly hacked version of TeleNav that provides turn-by-turn GPS directions (not sure how long this will last).

This update should tide me over until Sprint can get around to releasing an official firmware update (if this ever happens since the HTC Diamond is due for release soon).


  1. hi will this work on the sprint htc touch mp6900 please tell me it will

  2. My phone is the MP6900SP- which I am pretty sure is the same? (not 100%- check over at the PPCGeeks site for more info)

  3. i've got an htc touch.

    verizon calls it an xv6900.


    if i follow the tutorial, then will it work on verizon's network?

    depending on where i am, it's evdo. i'm pretty sure it switches to a slower bandwidth when the evdo coverage is nonexistent.

    thanks for the info.


  4. Anonymous10:36 PM

    pe n is

  5. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Can anyone tell me if they have a link to the 4th link in the steps (instructions) above....The link for the "Sprint Custom Firmware" is Broken. Am I missing something? If its been removed for some reason, can someone email it to me or tell me where I can get it. I would really love GPS on my Touch...thanks tons! jorgensonmatt@hotmail.com

  6. the ppcthread is gone =(... is there anywhere a mirror of the hack tutorial??? i need gps =)
    my htc touch is scheduled to launch into air ^^.