My Birthday

Wednesday was my Birthday and it was pretty good.  (I turned 39)

Diana and I had dinner at Little Azios- It has been a long time since I was last there.  We all had chocolate cheese cake from Copelands for desert- one of my weaknesses. It was good to get together with the girls for a bit... 

Diana and Tracy picked out some great presents for me:

The Archos is pretty friggin' awesome- I can throw just about any video on it and it will play (especially since I spent another $20 for the MPEG/AC3 codecs).  I picked up a series 4 DVR cradle for it but I am very unimpressed with their implementation of this accessory (I am using it as a USB charging cradle at the moment).  Archos did a great job on the player and a shitty-ass job on the DVR!

For myself, I returned the Mylo 2 on Tuesday and picked up a Garmin Nuvi 380 from BestBuy (I must do a write-up on this- it is an awesome item) as it was a deal I couldn't pass up:  $599 marked down to $359, and an additional 10% off for being an open box buy (so  $323.10!).  It has a 1 year subscription to MSN direct for traffic, weather, movie info and gas prices.  It plays MP3s, audible books, has Bluetooth (for phone connectivity) and an integrated FM transmitter (for transmitting music, GPS directions and phone calls through the car radio).

Additionally I picked up a HD DVD drive for my xBox 360- It was $50 on closeout at BestBuy and I had $25 in 'reward zones' coupons- so it was $25 + $1.20 in taxes.  It included a copy of King Kong HD and I am eligible for another 5 free HD DVD movies by mail (if they ever ship- I am still waiting on the 5 from my HD-A3 purchase!)

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