HD DVD is Dead; Long Live HD DVD!

The HD DVD format has been abandoned, but my HD DVD collection is ever growing. 

There are a lot of older movies that I like- and already have in DVD format.  Most of these will never be re-purchased as the Toshiba A3 and the PS3 do a kick-ass job at upscaling the 480p format DVD to 1080i/p.  HD DVD discs are going down in price every day and I have been picking up 2-3 discs every time I go to Fry's.  Tonight's purchases were 'Time Cop' for $15 and 'A Clockwork Orange' for $13.

My '5 Free HD DVDs' arrived in the mail yesterday, so I total of HD DVDs is now up to 22...

For the other format, I currently have a total four Blu-Ray movies; two were used DVDs (one from Fye and another from Movie Stop) and the other two ('Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End' and 'Live Free or Die Hard') were on a buy one-get one free sale at Target.  I almost picked up two Blu-Ray movies at Fry's on another bogo sale ('Hellboy' and 'Underworld') but I realized these these movies will always be available and will probably be $10 in a few years (the DVD and 720p MKV versions I have will tide me over until then).

HD DVD prices are about right for an 'impulse buy' item; $15 isn't too bad for a high definition 'upgrade'- but $30-$40 (current Blu-Ray pricing) just means that I will be waiting a few years before I really consider replacing my other oldies with a hi-def version...

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