More X-10 Installs

My 'home automation' project has been going well; I just ordered and received several more of the non-dimming (XPS3) switches and I have been installing them in 'key' places through-out the house. 

I also had to get a few of the 3-way dummy switches (XPSS) and wire these in as we have a few 3-way switches in the house.  I found that the wiring for a 3-way switch with an X-10 system is the reverse of what I thought it should be- the 'dummy' switch must be connected to the line voltage (the 'hot' circuit) and the XPS3 switch is connected on the side of the actual light (the 'load' side).  It seems to be this way as the dummy switch just passes the power through and sends an on-off command across the signal wire (the extra wire needed for a 3-way switch); the XPS3 does all the actual on/off switching... 

I also purchased a DS7000 alarm system (to supplement the DSC Power 832 system that I hardwire installed before we moved in) to try out some of the wireless options and to see how it integrates with the cameras, email notification and FTP posting.  I also purchased several PIR sensors and door/window sensors.  I started playing around with it and decided that this was something that needs to be configured only during daytime hours- the arming 'chirp' is so loud that I definitely do not want to do an alarm test!  (The alarm is rated at 95db, but I think the frequency makes it sound much louder!)

It looks like when I am done I will have several dozen X-10 parts left over- several lamp modules, a dozen dimming wall switches, five control modules, extra security hardware, etc; maybe I should start installing these for other people!  :o)

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