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So my PSP has been flashed to v1.5 firmware via the Lumines exploit and I have installed the 3.4OE firmware to allow me to play my UMD games that require such.

Helpful notes:

  • If you want to play an ISO backup image of your game (it is much easier to carry a 4GB MS Pro Duo than 3-4 UMD discs!), you must have a valid UMD game in the PSP- not a movie! (I had forgotten this!)
  • The 3.4OE firmware creates GAME150 and GAME340 directories under \MS_ROOT\PSP\; GAME150 is homebrew designed for 1.5 firmware releases and GAME340 is for 3.x homebrew! (Very clever idea!)

Fry's has a sale on Lexar 4GB MS Pro Duo sticks for $39 each so I picked up two: one for movies and one for my backup game ISOs.  (I think the sale is good through July 10th) Last week I thought $69 for a SanDisk 4GB was a good deal from Circuit City- I guess this shows how volatile the flash memory market is right now.

While searching the interweb for more info on homebrew, I came across a MOD chip for the PSP called the Undiluted Platinum; this appears to be the most complicated install I have ever seen!

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