Life, The Universe and What-Not..

(ok, that isn't the real title- how about 'So Long and Thanks for All the Bits?')

XMas time is so much fun- no, really. I am on vacation, I did 90% of my shopping beforehand and I have nothing to do but watch TV, play video games and go to the gym- this is what life is all about!!!

Highlights of the past week:

  • My MSN Direct watch is not broken (it wasn't recharging)- it just will not charge from the USB port on a computer (so I am not sure why they even broke the cable to put a USB A plug in-line).
  • The Wii Weather Channel is now online- that was interesting for about 4 minutes (no, really- check my Wii mail and it shows how long I was in the channel)
  • I got a Mio DigiWalker C310x for $198 at Fry's; It is awesome in the raw, and much more fun after it is hacked; now I have movies (alt.binaries.warez.pocketpc.movies) and a cheesy version of solitaire. MAME and NESTer may be soon, but no control pad?
  • I rebuilt my HTPC with some stuff on sale from Fry's

That is is for now; I need to get back to blogging...

Oh- lots of dreams of Dragon*Con last night- actually pretty weird; I dreamt I was hanging out with Sarah (The dancer from the Cruxshadows) and I woke up; I dreamt of D*C again, but I cannot remember the specifics; I awoke and went back to another dream of D*C- this was concerns about being late and problems with the hotel room...

Strange- three dreams in the same night of the same event...

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