XMas Holidays

333595123Just fininishing up my XMas vacation- I go back to work tomorrow... This has been one of the most stress free vacations that I have ever taken- nothing really to do and nothing to worry about.  i.e. it was fraking wonderful!

I got exactly what I wanted for XMas from Diana and Tracy- an XBox 360!  :) 

It ties into Windows XP MCE edition fairly well, and there is a Zune plugin that allows other PCs to stream music/pictures/videos to the xBox- almost as well as my old xBox did with XBox Media Player- but the games on this one look a little better...  :o)

Diana and Tracy both enjoyed their presents- which was the main thing.  We finally got a tree up on Thursday before the weekend (artificial with white lights and all silver ornaments).  Tracy and Diana are now downstairs cooking up a (late) Christmas dinner- filet.

I am glad both of the girls are here for the holidays- it seems more like a home...

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