Web Hosting

Well I think my old web hosting provider went down today- I am not sure if it is a permanent thing or not... My email stopped arriving to anything @brooskie.com and it took me a good day to realize this. I have went back to my DNS registrar and setup a blanket *@brooskie.com to forward to my gmail account and messages are finding their way in.

Funny part was that my WebCam XP program was completely hosed as it could not upload via FTP to my site; it just kind of locked up as I guess the DNS name resolves to an IP and there is some form of connectivity still associated with the IP.

Now I must decide who to use for a new web host if LFHosting does not come back up... Go daddy is one option ($48/year) as is directNIC ($15/year)- but I am trying to be as frugal as possible as I am trying to buy a Canon EOS Digital Reble XT DSLR camera for Dragon*Con (under 50 days to go!)

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