4th of July Weekend

I had a good 4 day weekend (I took off Monday as a vacation day) and what did I do?

I spent the first two days trying to hack my Nintendo DS Lite (NDS Lite) via WiFiMe and such, only to find that it cannot be done on this firmware... I ended up ordering a M3 SD Lite and Passekey3 from Divieno.cn- should be here by Friday; I will probably end up flashing the BIOS with FlashMe_Lite.

Interesting spots for Info on DS hacking:

I spent the remainder of the vacation playing New Super Mario Brothers (I bought a mag with lots of info on the secret levels and such, so I had to go back) and rebuilding my PC.

For some reason Windows freaked out and would not talk to my router any more- and it was about time to rebuild anyway... I also ended up re-organizing my MP3 collection (iTunes is gonna completely freak out) and downloading album art (via TagRunner or Album Art Downloader) and fixing the ID3 tags up a bit (via The Godfather and Windows Media Player 10). I need to rebuild my Media Center 2005 PC next as it seems to have freaked out since I upgraded to Windows Media Player 11...

I have been going through and ripping all of my DVDs (via DVD Decryptor) and encoding them to 2GB DivX files (with AC3 5.1 audio) with Gordian Knot; great results so far, but two issues:
  • Gordian goes nuts on multi-angle movies; the beginning of star wars sucks- but I think I can tell Decryptor to pull out the other angles. I tried this on The Goonies and had problems though.

  • Gordian appears to crop video to make it wide screen in some situations- like on the 5th Element and The Goonies; not sure why... Looks Ok, except for the opening credits.

  • I have been getting my Axim working and I finally got TomTom working again! (this program ROCKS for GPS!) Now if I could just find a version of MameCE that works on WM5 and VGA res!

    I did make it to the gym and tanning bed on Sunday- and I died my hair again on Monday (it is pretty damn close to black as it gets now- I think my next step is red streaks so I look like a punk).

    From all of the above I think I have had a pretty complete weekend.

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