Replacemnet program (wow- that was quick)

Ok, it looks like there is no way to set Dobly Digital 5.1 (or EX) in CloneDVD Mobile, so that program has fallen to the way-side. I have found Auto Gordian Knot and this seem to do just about everything. It is a little slower (about 2 horus vs. 1 hour) but it supports the digital multi-chanel audio (make sure your settings are correct in the AC3 codec on the system you are plaing the video on!) and the video quality is MUCH better!

I have been setting sizes of about 2GB for the output file and I cannot really tell the difference between the orignal DVD and the DiVX5 version.

The only issue I have is multi-angle shots are merged together- like the differnet language versions of the introduction scroll on the start of the Star Wars movies.

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