New Proggie for DVD -> DivX

Ok, I FINALLY found a DVD to DivX conversion program that doesn't lose sync, skip or have other agrivating-ass problems: CloneDVD mobile from SlySoft.

It is a simple interface, but it allows me to select the output resolution (appears to be based on the input source), runs fairly quiclky (30-70 minutes for a whole DVD) and doesn't look like complete crap when it is done! I have converted about 7 movies so far (Blade Runner, Logan's Run, StarGate, GhostBusters, Total Recall, Episode III and Tomb Raider 2) and no real issues.

The one problem I am having is that the audio output does not seem to be DD5.1- but I am not sure if that is an issue with MCE2005 or the encoding of the program...

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