More blog time?

Well, I installed Semagic at work... My efficiency should improve at least two-fold...

What to write about? Well, my computer is acting like a cat that has taken too much acid; randomly locks (hard lock) and dies... I think it may have been from the mouse- I was trying a logitech piece-of-crap-cheap-ass mouse that we bought for the office; and now I am using a Logitech Trackman wheel.

Quiet weekend; shopped most of Saturday with Diana (roommie#1) and then wandered around Sunday afternoon in the new little shopping center close to my house. BestBuy bores the hell out of me now; Lowes is over priced; Target has some awesome 'clearance specials' every now and then; I buy stuff at Barnes & Noble (mostly magazines) and never read it; Koger is WAY too busy for any sane person to go into. I did find they opened a Willy's and a Great Clips- so I got a burrito and a haircut (not at the same time). Pretty cool. I spent another hour in Target and bought some useless stuff. I went home and tried to start one of the yoga videos- ok, I need to stretch a little more... :o)

Today: 2.05 miles at the gym this morning and then spent then next 5 hours running around between our main data center and the remote data center; got some stuff done, but was pretty much a wasted day. Lunch at Fudruckers and I am probably going to either Fry's or Microcenter this after to look at water cooling stuff with Omar- he wants to cool off his video card (in a shuttle) and I want to quieten down my whole PC system.

Anyway- another 15 minutes of time spent at work; I think 2/3 bosses are gone- if the last has left then I will give the customary 5 minutes (to let him get out of the parking garage) and head out to Fry's/Microcenter.

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