nVidia Shield Android TV Tear Down

I ordered an nVidia Shield 16GB Android TV and received it this morning.

My first thought is the 16GB be upgraded with a 2.5" hard drive like the 'Pro' model uses?

The console has no visible screws; the bottom readily popped off with a plastic tool.

Below are images of the innards of the nVidia Shield Android TV (note: serials obfuscated).

Initial opening; note the 2.5" filler in middle

HD filler and cabling removed.  No obvious SATA ports.
Also to note is a metal shield that was covering some memory (?) chips below the CPU:
The metal shield was held in place by the tape holding the cables... (odd)

Interesting cable; the J1 end looks like a BGA.

Section of board where J1 connects; additional unused connector is located above.
Two metal pegs align and the screw secures the the contacts.

Console partially re-assembled with base

Thoughts: no obvious SATA or power connectors on board.  There is a possibility that a second cable may be used in the pro version that would connect the additional space above J1 to a SATA cable? Or is the the 16GB flash on a board that can readily be removed and and replaced with a board that supports SATA? 

The nVidia Shield Pro Android TV isn't due to be released for another few weeks; hopefully more info will be forthcoming once it has been released.


  1. Hello, I thought I would edit your first pic to show you were the SATA header is located. You just need a 90 degree ribbon to sata adapter.
    Here you go---> http://i.imgur.com/JifCNS7h.jpg

    1. Oh, and just so you know the big BGA style ribbon cable is the same on the 500gb Pro model. So only the SATA header seems to be missing.

    2. Awesome! Thanks for the info. :)
      I have a 32GB MicroSD in my unit for now, but I am sure I will be looking around for that cable once the 'pro' models are released. :)
      (I am also wondering how much faster a 250GB SSD would be vs the class 10 MicroSD... )

    3. I found a pic of the Pro tear down over at XDA; looks like I will also need to solder on a flex cable connector:


  2. Yeah, haha that's my thread at XDA by the way, lol. I think one of the users at XDA already found the sata to ribbon cable adapter. Now I just need to source the connector for the board and then I can mod my own 16gb SHIELD. If I cant find the correct adapter, then I'm going to find a 90 degree SATA cable and just solder the wires direct to the PCB. Going to need someone to buzz out the adapter though so we have the pins safely ID'd. Anyways, I posted your tear down url in that thread, so I hope you don't mind. Thanks Broo...

    1. Ya, cool. Please update the post if you find a source for that SM ribbon-cable connector. It looks like the board is pre-soldered and a reflow gun should be able to attach that connector... :)

  3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/nvidia-shield/general/nvidia-shield-console-android-tv-t3046490

    Since you have a decent camera, is there any way I can talk you into posting a really good up close macro shot of that SATA area please? Maybe I can send it to some of my electronics supply contacts to see if they can get me the parts so we can mod these things with our own SATA storage. Oh, and yes a SATA drive is magnitudes times faster than any microSD card. If a SSD SATA drive used the same rating scale, it would be rated about a Class 200 (or more), as apposed to the microSD's class 10. I just wish this device had a M.2 connector instead of SATA, haha.

    1. http://s90.photobucket.com/user/Brooskie/library/ShieldTV

    2. Thank you. Definitely 20 pads exposed and pre-soldered. It even shows you which one is pin #1. Thanks again...

  4. yo need this flex sata hhd cable


    the pin number 1 is indicated in the printing of the pcb with a white triangle


    same here es marked on the flex cable with white rectangle in the corner conexion