WhisperSync for AudiBooks- Not Such a Great Deal…


Amazon Prime and Audible are among my two favorite items; The new Kindle Fire HD event introduced the idea of WhisperSync for their Audible audio book content with a matching Kindle eBook from Amazon. 

Today I received an email re-affirming this interesting product: WhisperSync for Voice-ready read-along will work on my current Kindle Touch.  Sounds cool; let me check it out:


It appears that in addition to the audible version I have already purchased for $23.39 I must also purchase the Kindle eBook version for an additional $16.99.  i.e. To use this new feature, I must purchase two different formats of the same book; That makes the entire WhisperSync sound a bit unappealing.

I am sure this would be very beneficial for Amazon, book publishers and authors- but it makes a book that costs $11.60 in paperback run a total of almost $40 for a read-along option.  Not very appealing for the customer.

Interesting idea Amazon, but no thanks.  :(

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