Kinect and Move USB Extensions

I don’t think I am alone in the way I have my TV mounted to one wall and my game console not just sitting on the floor beneath it- in fact, my game consoles are in the other corner of the room (in my stereo rack).  Having the TV mounted about 12’ away from the consoles can make the newer accessories for either a bit hard to connect.

Wii is easy- there are numerous wireless sensor bars that can be put anywhere; but the Microsoft Kinect and the Sony PS3 Eye (used with the Playstation Move controllers) can be a bit more challenging. 

Monoprice has a 10M USB 2.0 active extension cable for $8.46- which is considerably longer and less expensive than the Microsoft official 10’ Kinect Extension cable that is going for about $50.  The big difference is that the Kinect cable is designed to plug into the special port on the back of the xBox 360 slim and provide additional power.  If you (like me) purchased the Kinect separate from an xBox bundle, you also received a USB to Kinect power injector- and this when used with the 10M USB extension cable works perfectly!  :)

The PS3 Eye worked with the 10M extension cable- no problem.

I now have both USB cables ran in my walls and through my attic- so there are no cables to see save for the power plug for the Kinect power injector. 

Life is great when shit works!


  1. lucky you, I bought monoprice's 49ft usb 2.0 powered extension cable (2, 1 for the kinect, 1 for ps3 move). I just plugged in the move and sports champions says "Please reconnect your camera". The message won't go away unless I plug the eye directly into the ps3. wtf? is this because I have the original ps3?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying; it appears Blogger has not been forwarding me comment approval notices. :(

      I am not sure why that wouldn't work on an original PS3; I would make sure you aren't running the USB cable parallel to any power cables as this could cause induction interference from the 60Hz power. Also a good idea to avoid coiling any extra cable you have up too tight- it can make an induction loop of the cable itself. :)