Hotel TV Lockdown

I am out of town on a business trip and I became bored sitting around the hotel room and watching the standard TV.  I went to Gamestop and picked up a used GameCube ($30), a Gamecube memory card ($15!), Super Mario Sunshine ($15), Super Smash Brothers Melee ($15) and Metroid Prime ($7)- so for about $82 I had a console and three games to play to pass some time...
Unfortunately, the TV in the room is a Philips 27ST6210/27 and it is locked to disable the aux inputs on the side and back.  

I tried a few tricks found via Google to 'unlock' the menu, but with no luck.

I purchased an inexpensive universal remote to try to change the input mode; this was disabled.

I learned of the green Philips Master Remote RC2573GR that has a 'master' and a 'guest' mode to change TV settings- but these run $35 on eBay.

I found one post that suggests the Harmony does have codes for the 'master remote'.  I picked up a Harmony 200 remote for $20 from Radio Shack and I will try this when my clothes are done at the laundromat.

Just to be safe, I also purchased a RadioShack 15-2526 RF modulator that will take the composite video and audio from the Gamecube and inject the signal over channel 3 or 4 ($30).  If the Harmony does the trick I can return this...

Update:  The RF modulator worked, but it is very cumbersome to use as I must also keep a set of needle-nosed pliers to remove the coax cable from the back of the TV.  I purchased a generic Philips master remote for $33 and it allows me to re-enable the external ports.  Once enabled, there is a new option on the menu from the standard hotel remote to change inputs- and this option appears to stay once renabled (at least for a few week).


  1. Hey I have this same TV! Please let us know what you figure out because this thing can be a pain in the ass. I really wanna play super smash bros on it :(

  2. I spent a few hours messing with the Harmony and couldn't get it to work as a Philips master remote.

    I ended up using the Radio Shack RF modulator; it has composite and s-video inputs and goes in-line between the coax cable and the TV (so you will need an extra length of coax cable with the modulator).

    The radio shack modulator is 110v powered and it made a very good signal on Ch 3 or 4- probably as good as using the component inputs. Not the most elegant solution, but it worked fine for the GameCube. :)