G2x Gingerbread

I love the Nexus One but I found a sweet deal on a T-Mobile G2x on eBay that I couldn’t pass up.  It came in today and has Froyo (v2.2.2) installed on it.  Information on the web indicates that a Gingerbread (v2.3) version of the G2x is due for re-launch, so the over-the-air (OTA) update should be headed out soon.

Being impatient as I am, I also found information on the XDA Developers forum  that the LG Update Tool will allow for a manual update to Gingerbread.  The entire update process took 8m 38s in the application, and then the phone took about 5 minutes to reboot (stuck at the ‘T-Mobile G2x with Google for 4 of those minutes) and now I am at v2.3.3.

The LG updater alerted that it might erase all applications and phone settings during the update, but everything from v2.2.2 appears to have transitioned to 2.3.3.

The G2x is a T-Mobile 4G device and I am seeing download speeds of about 6Mbps when using the phone a mobile hotspot.  Upload speeds are bout 1Mbps.

Samsung needs to have some pretty impressive stuff with the Galaxy S2 to make me consider an upgrade now… :)

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