Badaboom 2

nVidia recently released an update for their GPU video transcoding Badaboom software. The new version 2 now supports the newer ‘Fermi’ family based GPUs (i.e. all of the GTX4xx and GTX5xx cards).  The new version also has a large list of supported output devices- including Apple iPad, AppleTV, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab and many others.
However, it appears that Badaboom does not work with the latest version of nVidia’s drivers; running display drivers v266.58, Badaboom 2 will crash at 6-8 seconds into transcoding.  When I reverted back to v263.09, transcoding works as designed.
It takes about 7 minutes to transcode a 40 minute 720p video file to Motorola Xoom format; much better than straight CPU encoding (which takes about 20 minutes on a Core i7 860) !

Update: It appears it is not a problem with nVidia's driver- but rather with my system.  I did a full rebuild Badaboom 2 will work properly with either version of the driver...

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