Clear WiMax Caps -Better than Dial-up!

If you have followed my blog, you wills see I have a love-hate relationship with Clear Wireless in Atlanta, GA.

Love: Good speeds in god weather and in the Winter (when trees are bare) up to 10Mbps!

Hate: Inconsistent speeds and inconceivable policies of bandwidth capping

A few weeks ago, I was complaining that Clear was capping my speeds (I assume during ‘peak’ hours) to about 1 Mbps (about 130KBps). 

This occurred for a few weeks and then it stopped; I was getting a constant 6-10Mbps 24x7.

For the past few days if I attempt to download something that takes more than 15 minute, I have been enjoying a cap of about 230kbps (about 29KBps):


Tonight I attempted to download the new Ubuntu 10.10 ISO- and after about a quarter hour of decent speed it dropped to the above abysmal speed.  Good God Clear- what the Hell are you doing to me?

Luckily I have two other Clear connections in my package that I can switch to and get a resemblance of the speed I was promised when I signed up to Clear about a year ago.

Be warned all- Stay clear of Clear! (if you think you will ever need to actually use your Internet connection!)

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  1. I cancelled a few weeks ago after 6 months of service... the 0.21 Mbit down throttle issue is too much to "just bear with" for your home pipe.

    It's funny, I went back to Comcast and remembered what a *real* Internet connection was like.

    Clear might be ok for mobile users... but their network is too weak for Home use.