Warner DVD2Blu

Remember the old Red2Blu offer from Warner Brothers allowing HD DVD users to trade in their defunct media for the surviving format? Now they are offering DVD owners a similar deal- albeit at a slightly higher price ($8 - $10 per disc):


Surprisingly, most of the Blu-Ray’s offered are from the catalog of movies that sell for $10 - $15 at BestBuy/Fry’s/Amazon. (i.e. You won’t be getting the Harry Potter discs for less than $25/each).

I did a few choice comparisons to see the price savings:

Title DVD2Blu Amazon
Dark City $7.95 $9.99
Final Destination $7.95 $9.99
Oceans Thirteen $9.95 $14.49
Pan’s Labyrinth $9.95 $17.99
Wedding Crashers $7.95 $9.99

The Warner DVD2Blu upgrade can save $2-$8 per disc. On the $2/disc side, I would probably rather keep the old DVD copy (for this trade-in offer you must mail in the DVD disc) and buy a Blu-Ray copy from Amazon (although I have given up collecting physical discs).

I think this is just another sign of the end of physical media; it will soon be on the endangered list with newspapers.

Ironic that Sony finally ‘wins’ a media format war and everyone is rapidly moving to digital distribution (even Sony with their new PSP games).

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