DD-WRT on NetGear WNDR3300

I have dedicated a router to my Clear connection as I have the feeling they will be terminating my service due to ‘excessive usage’. The router I am using for this is a NetGear WNDR3300 that I picked up for $50 (refurbished) at Fry’s several months ago.

The router has been working great for the past few months- but last night it decided to be difficult… Wireless would sometimes connect and I would get an IP, but I was unable to connect to anything via HTTP- even the router management interface. I tested a bit to confirm it was the router and not my laptop and decided to look for a firmware update.

There are many reports of the WNDR3300 dropping connections- and a few web sites pointed out that there is now a DD-WRT firmware version for the NetGear WNDR3300.

I downloaded the ‘initial install’ and flashed; it seems to be working as-is, so I will need to research the other versions to see if I need to upgrade further. I have used DD-WRT on older LinkSys routers and been pleased with the results. I will test on this NetGear and see how it goes…

I also did a check to see if there is a DD-WRT for my DLink DGL-4500; nothing shows up for this model, but my the former version (the DGL-4300- which I also own) indicates ‘not possible’ on the supported hardware page of dd-wrt.com. I assume this means that the DGL series does not use a compatible chipset?

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