Kindle (2) Ordered

With all the news about the imminent announcement of the Kindle 2 (possibly on Monday, Feb 9th) I finally decided to break down and buy one. 

Amazon still only shows the original Kindle for $369, but speculation on the delay in shipping (they have been back-ordered since December) and information from other sources seems to indicate that Amazon will likely ship Kindle 2 units to fulfill current Kindle backorders-  after the Feb 9th announcement, of course.  The actual units are said to starting to ship on Feb 24th- which coincides with my Amazon delivery estimate of February 27th (my Birthday!) to March 11th.

MobileRead and The Boy Genius Report have some leaked 'official' images- which are almost identical to the ones originally posted by The Boy Genius Report from October of last year.  The screen looks almost the same, the overall thickness has decreased and it looks a little more 'apple-ish' with a metal back and rounded edges (albeit way to many buttons for an Apple device!)  Rumors are that the SD slot has been removed and the internal memory has been upgraded.  I would prefer to still have an SDHC/Micro-SDHC.  It is unknown if there has been a processor upgrade (the original Kindle has a Intel PXA250 400 MHz) of if the unit will offer touch-screen capabilities (doubtful), but the integrated EVDO connection is said to still be there (to allow direct downloads from Amazon.com and receive OTA newspaper/magazine/blog updates).

Engadget will be live bogging the Amazon event that starts at 10am; I guess I will have my Google reader up and be hitting refresh every few minutes.


Useful Kindle sites I stumbled upon while researching:

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