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A few years ago while we  were in the process of renovating our current home, I took the initiative of learning a bit about alarm systems so I would be able to wire/install our current alarm.  At first it was a daunting task with little explanation to be found online; but after a while it became as easy as network cabling- and that is when the fun begins.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086

Initially I purchased a DSC Power 832 system from eBay as it is a reliable brand, lots of upgrade options and cost effective.  I wired up the 8 zones, did the basic programming and had an alarm company come in and enter in their dial-in information for monitoring.

There are tons of options for the DSC Power 832 system- such as the PC5108 hardwire zone expansion, the PC5132 wireless zone expansion, wireless PIRs/smoke alarm/window contacts, and wireless arm/disarm keys.

A few weeks ago I saw an application called 'DSC Alarm Monitor' on the G1 App Store and downloaded it out of curiosity.  From this program I learned that there are newer IP expansion modules for my system- such as the DSC TL-150- that can act as a virtual keypad: basically allowing me access to any entry/information that my wall-mounted keypad can do.  (There are also more advanced modules such as the TL250 and TL300 that will email alerts- but these cost at least twice as much as the TL-150)

Installation for the TL-150 took about 15 minutes; one CAT5 connected to my switch and four wires from the module to the KeyBus and it was done.  DSC thoughtfully included plastic stand-off holders that fit into strategically placed holes on the DSC cabinet- making it an almost tool-free install (save for the small screwdriver to tighten the terminals down on the wires).

I made a custom port-forward in my router, setup the G1 DSC Alarm Monitor and I am now able to arm my alarm from inside my car!  :o)

The G1 application also allows me to check the status of the zones (door last opened 7 minutes ago, etc) and receive notifications if the alarm is triggered.

Similar information is available from any web page via an integrated web server on the TL-150.



  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. I have the same panel and am looking to get the TL-150. Does it all you to configure the alarm through the web interface? I hate navigating through the menus on the keypad.

  2. Do you know if there is a way to retrieve info/status other from their web ui? ie http://tl-150/status. I wonder how the G1 app is retrieving, screen scraping?

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  4. Yeah, looks like a screen scape, since you have to add Zone names manually...still makes the TL-150 have a bit more use then what's out of the box. Thanks for the post...didn't know about the app! Now to see if it can talk with DLS2002 to allow over-the-wire programming...have my doubts but checking into it anyway.

  5. "I made a custom port-forward in my router, setup the G1 DSC Alarm Monitor and I am now able to arm my alarm from inside my car" how did you do this? Can you expand a bit on how this is done? I'd like to put the TL-150 on my DSC1832. thanks.