Smart Codes

I have heard about the use of data matrix barcodes in other countries to convey data to others.  For example:


...contains my name, skype phone number and email address. 

Software for various handsets to read the above can be downloaded from www.i-nigma.mobi or post.beetagg.com 'Barcode Scanner 'and 'BeeTag' applications for the G1 also support this format (albeit I could not get BeeTag to work with the above on monitor display).

There are two primary types of codes; QR Code and Semacode Data Matrix Code.  The former version I have seen on FedEx pacakges.

You can create your own personalized code at Kaywa, i-nigma or BeeTag (or a plethora of other) websites...



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  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    You can also generate both QR Code and Data Matrix barcodes at invx.com.