Custom HTC Firmware

I have become very tired of awaiting the 'promised' firmware upgrade for the HTC Touch from Sprint.  A few months ago I tried a hacked version of the Alltel firmware that enabled GPS and EVDO Rev A (which worked pretty good)- but I have grown tired of its occasional lockups and slowdowns...

I was trolling around PPCGeeks and ran across the PPC Kitchen firmware update.

This firmware is a fairly interesting concoction; it allows me to chose a base firmware and add on various applications, themes and tool.  (One nice feature is the ability to use the HTC Diamond applet on the Touch).

So far the results have been varied; the device seems to run faster, but I have issues with many applications being 'unsigned' and unable to be run on the device (which worked fine under the Alltel firmware!).   I also have the occasional issue where I receive a phone call but I cannot click the 'accept' button (after the incoming call is over, the phone unfreezes and I can call the originator back).

All-in-all it is a mixed bag; lots of extra features, but lots of issues too (like being unable to set the default button action).  Hopefully Sprint will eventually release a final HTC Touch firmware and I can use it as a base for the other applications I have found embedded within the PPC Kitchen firmware options. 

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