MCE Netflix Plugin (Finally!)

There was a post on Engadget about the MyNetflix Vista MCE plugin; this allows one to watch streaming videos from Netflix (with a valid Netflix account, of course). 

I installed the NetFlix Instant video player (I never bothered with it before) and then installed the MyNetflix plugin. This creates a 'MyNetflix' application under programs in media center that allows me to view/add to my current NetFlix queue as well as play videos from the NetFlix Instant View selections.

The video quality is pretty much a decent DivX quality- not quite to DVD quality but not as bad as some of the digital cable channels I have seen.  One thing that does deter me from liking this is the audio (at least for The Fifth Element) is being detected on my receiver as matrixed mono...

One other issue is that the movie does not automatically go to full screen while playing- but this may be a setting in the NetFlix player that I haven't discovered (this is the first time I have had a desire to install it).

Now where is the Joost MCE plugin?

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