Memor32 Updates

I grew tired of waiting for Team Memento to release their 1.3 firmware so I went and purchased a used PS2 from GameStop for $80.  It is 'fatty' PS2 that is model #SCPH-30001 R (a v5 or v6 motherboard- I will need to open the case to verify).

I purchased the PS2 as I found out I can run programs on bootup from the Memor32 cartridge by holding down R1/R2/L1/L2; this runs programs on the cartridge from /BOOT/BOOT.ELF or BOOT1.ELF/BOOT2.ELF/BOOT3.ELF.  Any ELF File can be renamed and run on startup- such as a nice selection of files from ExploitStation.

I tried USBeXtreme loader but it not see my USB Drive; I tried HDLoader and and HDADVance, but these only work with the 'fat' PS2s with the internal HD slot (via use of network adaptor add-on).  I decided to go back to the old faithful system and get a fat PS2...

I installed a 160GB Seagate drive and HDLoader 0.8b booted up and was able to format the drive.  I tried copying a game from DVD and it took about 15minutes for a 1GB game.  I removed the drive and connected it to my PC via a USB-IDE adaptor and ran Winhiip to copy three ISO images over to the HD- this took about 6 minutes to copy 8GB of data.  With help of the HD Loader game comparability list I was able to get all three games to work with no problems.

The Memor32 still works as a (4x) PS2 memory card so I am pretty much done.  If I want to boot to a normal game I just do not hold down a button  while rebooting the PS2; if I want to take this to another PS2 I just need the HD and the Memor32 card!

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