More on Mac Mini

I have to say that Apple hardware/software is for the right-side-of-brain users; it lets them create and not have to worry about the inner-workings. The integration between the different applications and external hardware is great also great.

Web Design: I plug in my iPhone and iPhoto brings up an import screen. Once there, I can drag the recently imported photos into a template page for iWeb and it creates a slide-show. After that I hit 'publish to .mac' and a fairly professional site is created:


Movie Making: I plug in a camcorder and iMovie brings up an import screen. If the movie is HD and it recognizes my CPU is not sufficient to process at full res (the Mac Mini is a Laptop in a different case- i.e. it has a Pentium M CPU), it automatically down-samples the movie and stores it on the HD (in .mov format). Video editing is done and I can publish directly to YouTube, .mac, or make formats for the iPod/iPhone/AppleTV.


Initially I had a not-pleasant experience a OS X 10.5 is not 100% compatible/stable. After I reverted back to the 10.4 that was originally installed on the Mac (not an easy experience as there were no CDs included!) it is running much more like a computer should; The only thing I have used my Windows PC for in the past two days is for games and downloads (it has much more disk storage, memory and CPU power).

The Mac is a PC for designers; the Windows PC is for engineers (power users/gamers).

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