This weekend went by fairly quick as I haven't had the time to stop.

On Sunday I moved a queen sized bed in and and out of my room- the later one I eventually carried up two flights of (yard) stairs to another house; I call this the 'bed recycling' move.  My 'new' bed is much better than the former denizen- but I will need to get used to it being so much softer (but my dog definitely seems to like it!)

After this I did a little shopping with Tracy- but still no 0734 or newer xBox 360 lots on the shelves at BestBuy or Target- so no major purchases for me.  Around 2pm I received a call that 'everything is down' at the office.  I went in and it turns out that a fiber-optic cable was cut so all Metro-E traffic to Atlanta was down for about 2 hours- so 'everything' was just the Internet- and related email, web servers, VPN access and blackberry server messages.  Once the repair was complete all systems were back online.

Today I moved another bed with Diana- but this one was only a full size. This along with a fairly large entertainment center was moved to a storage unit in preparation for staging a house- by the realtors recommendations.   After the truck was unloaded and returned to Lowes ($19 for 70 mins!), I was able to setup their ReplayTV, install a KVM switch, and get their Internet connection straightened out: Mindspring Netopia DSL modem/routers must be changed into bridged mode for them to work properly behind a router. 

Some grocery shopping on the way home, a little religious discussion with one of the neighborhood vagrants named Major and I am ready to get a shower and then jump back into Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass...

by the way: I finished Heroes Season 1 last week- this show is almost as good as the new Battlestar Galactica...

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