Sony GPS Logger

I am not a big fan of Sony (they are arrogant overpriced bastards) but I picked up their GPS-CS1 GPS Logger from Fry's yesterday. This is a small AA battery powered unit that keeps a log of where I go with GPS coordiantes and time stamps stored on the 32MB of flash memory on the unit. Time is synchronized to the GPS satelites internal with the unit.

As long as my camera is close to the correct time (anyone know how to sync a Casio EX-S770 to computer system time?) I can use the included software to load the data from the GPS-CS1 and match it to the time stamp on the picture. I can also overlay the images on Google Maps and have a graphic journal of where Iwas at what time; also known as GeoTagging.

The unit seems to work Ok, but I may return it and buy it from Amazon (for $40 less) or look at another option such as the GlobalSat DG-100 (with the better SIRF III chipset). Option #3 is to find a camera with a built-in GPS!

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