Orb.com updates

Orb Networks has updated their software to 2.0 and added in a lot of extras- such as TV tuner and webcam support. I cannot get over how it is free and it allows me to access all of my media from anywhere (except my blackberry as it does not support any of the offered streaming formats- windows media, real audio or 3Gp).

I took today as a PTO from work; I had to talk to an electrician about running a cable to our TV downstairs. Turns out he will do the same thing that I would- just drop a cable down the chimney and not use the fireplace! We could not run the cable today due to time constraints and the flue being filled with bricks and crap...

I need to look into setting up a distribution center for our HD systems- it will come in handy if we decide to do a whole house audio/video distribution system. Problem is that I may need 2 component and 2 HDMI to each TV- unless I just do everything via component and port the input devices through a AV switch... I definitely need to do some more research! :o)

I have a feeling that I will finally get everything just the way I want it and then it will be time to move... (in another 2 years or so). I am already imagining the massive cabling that I will be doing there!

RG6-Quad x 5
CAT5 x 5
Speaker Wires
Fiber-optic? (I have a few 100' SC-SC cables that I need to use up!)

The above would be per-room! (and some rooms will x2)

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