I Want This for Dragon*Con!

There is a (not-so) new HDD camcorder from Sony: the DCR-SR100.

The estimated ship date is May 12, so the only review up is a preview on camcorderinfo.

If this unit does well in low-light, this will be the camcorder to get for Dragon*Con (in downtown Atlanta September 1st - 4th this year).  My first other consideration was the JVC Everio series- but even their 2nd generation cameras as getting pretty bad reviews for image quality...

And if both of these still suck and cost $1000 in 5 months from now, I will just get a Panasonic PV-GS500 and use archaic DV tape media... (I have rejected the mini-DVD format as it also leaves much to be desired in the area of video quality).

...or the Sony HDR-HC3 HD Camcorder that can record 1080i... <drool>

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