iTunes - Windows Media Sync : MusicBridge

I would have killed for a program like MusicBridge a week ago. 

I have about 3,800 MP3s and I give each one a rating (1 to 5 stars) to indicate how much I want to hear the song again. From this, I can create playlists in iTunes to synchronize to my iPod and iPhone (very useful with the 8GB storage on the iPhone).  There is a similar feature in Windows Media Player (at least in v11) that also allows me to rank a song- the difference between iTunes and Windows Media is that the later will store the rating in the appropriate ID3 tag entry in the actual MP3; apple seems to put this storage in a proprietary iTunes.itl file (and back the data up in itunes.xml)- which is pretty useless if I want to move to a new computer and install a clean copy of iTunes! (well, there are some hacks- as mentioned earlier in my postings).

I heard about MusicBridge on the Windows Weekly Podcast - and this is exactly what I have been looking for (at least for the last several Windows XP/Vista rebuilds/re-installs!)

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