Dragon*Con - Day 1

Just about to head down to the parking deck next to the hotels; looks like the events and panels do not start up until 1:00pm so I will have some time to walk around and get a few pictures.

Last night was an abysmal wait for a Thursday night registration; I joined the line at about 9:20pm and finally received my badge at 11:05pm- so about 1:45... I would hate to see what the lines are like today (thought: photo idea?)

I have my laptop charged, my Treo calendar synched and I just need to get my power inverter from the attic.  First place I am heading is The Cruxshadows table to buy a few shirts (for the next few days at the Con) and (hopefully) a copy of the 'Birthday' single (which I have already pre-ordered on ISOTank, but I do not feel like waiting) to see what other songs are on it!  :o)

I will try to post other entries as the day progresses...

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