Security Camera PVRs

I have tried some new PVRs for my security system:

Clover CDR4070 - $400 at Frys

Nice picture quality
CF Backup of setings (will not work with my CF card)
CF Backup of video (with player software)
Pass-through of all video ports

Needs two ports for HTTP access: 80 and 4550 (or something)
You must stop recording to play
Client software is very plain
Fan started having problems within a week

Lorex DXR43000 - $650 at Frys

Very nice picture quality
Play while recording
External interface for second HD
USB interface for copying off movie to USB thumbdrive
Remote control

A little more difficult to setup than the Clover
No HTTP access- client software only
No video pass-through ports

After looking at the two, I would keep the Clover CDR4070 if I could get the HTTP inteface to work!  it appears to go to a web page to download a CAB and then gives me a black screen with a script error.  I contacted Clover support (terrible support hours) and they were able to connect and see my three cameras.  They thought I may have a setting in IE that is preventing an Active X istall- I do not think this is the case...

I plan on looking up comparable DVR systems on eBay and returining these two units.

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