Ah yes... the cubicle... And what could be found herein?

A SpongeBob 'Foam-Fit' puzzle pinned to the wall.
A Hobbit Calendar, featuring Beorn's Hall for January
A NEC DTerm Series E Phone
A Dell 17" LCD monitor
A Dell D610 Laptop
A small Christmas tree that is tied up with Christmas lights (it doesn't look very happy)
numerous failed SCA hard drives (Marked 'DEAD' with a 1" tall label so no one thinks they are good)
two failed blade servers
several good SCA hard drives (not marked 'DEAD')
A picture of Angelina Jolie (from Inside Atlanta, where she is wearing the Tomb Raider 2 outfit)
The latest MSDN DVD release, along with an unfilled MSDN binder
A tape dispenser
A swingline stapler (it doesn't bind like the boston)
a set of headphones
a pen cup (ok, it is square, but it could still be used for a cup)
misc papers, cables, markers, notepads and other such crap.
another pair of scissors?
a broken LCD panel from a Dell D600 being used as a mirror
A Mr. Crabs stuffed doll
Roasted soy nuts (REAL old- ugh)
a CD/MP3 player boom-box type thingie
A chair
Boxes of parts and cables
a cooler with five Diet Cherry Vanilla Cokes
Two dead PCs (old-ass Dells that were once servers)

That is all I can see now....

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