The Emotions of Cold...

Every year when it starts to get cold, I think back to my first true love. I will always the scent of her skin and hair and how it made me forget the cold that was right outside the window... (There is a long story before that, but I will probably not have the time to write about it- let's just say it was the best winter I of my life -at least so far...)

When the cold returns in the Winter, I can smell her again- and it makes me miss the Hell out of her...I am sure she is a different person- probably married, with a few kids and living a fairly happy life- but I will always remember her as she was in the winter of 1988...

I guess that is one of the reasons that I like cold weather so much- I wonder if she has the same thoughts from time to time?

(And yes- I have been searching for her, just to give her a call in case she is NOT happily married... so I guess I am a stalker?)

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